Our Story

The Genesis

Art is unteachable. Reaching deep within, finding your true aesthetic – & refining it over time, is a constant pursuit.

Renu Oberoi experienced her calling early in life. A deep desire to articulate her interpretation of life.

Like the stalwarts in the field of imagination, Renu too was a self-inspired seeker. Finding shape and form in nature and architecture and imbibing that into her creations.

This need to contribute to ever-lasting art evolved into a passion for creating unique pieces of jewellery.

Journey & Vision

From it’s early days, the brand has been a flag-bearer of the generational change in jewellery aesthetics. The Great Indian ‘Jhumkas’ were, for the first time, gallantly re-imagined using world-class diamonds & precious gemstones.

Polychromy, too was also an early artistic choice, precious colours brought life into our creations.

We have now expanded our vision to achieve a global, distinctive desirability in every Renu Oberoi piece. We believe in creating eye-catching silhouettes using the most superior quality diamonds and colored gemstones.

Our primary design language is to create lightweight & high-design pieces that have an awe-striking impact on everyone and are, most importantly, easily wearable and always enjoyable.

You never really
know a woman until you've
seen her jewellery

Inspiration: The Renu Oberoi Woman

The Renu Oberoi woman is both ambassador and muse - vibrant, multi-hued, and irrevocably extraordinary. Rooted in her heritage and teamed with a global outlook, she is a discerning tastemaker with an evolved, keen aesthetic sense steeped in individualism.

She does not follow trends; rather, she has the confidence to dictate her own unique style that is avant-garde yet transcends time and seasons. She appreciates detail, design, craftsmanship, and beauty and embodies these qualities in all she does.

Epitomising personal style, elegance, and grace, the Renu Oberoi woman comes in all shapes, sizes, and stories, just like the inspiration for our one-of-a-kind designs.

Now & The Future

It is our aim to create these memorable experiences for our vast Indian and International clientele.

Born-to-create, Renu believes that a high-design experience should be enjoyed by all. This all-embracing philosophy of art has led her to create something for everyone.

The vision of the brand is to continuously create transformative jewellery designs using high quality diamonds and gemstones and strive to offer nothing but the best service to our customers.



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