Our Story

The Genesis

Art is unteachable. Reaching deep within, finding your true aesthetic – & refining it over time, is a constant pursuit.

Renu Oberoi experienced her calling early in life. A deep desire to articulate her interpretation of life.

Like the stalwarts in the field of imagination, Renu too was a self-inspired seeker. Finding shape and form in nature and architecture and imbibing that into her creations.

This need to contribute to ever-lasting art evolved into a passion for creating unique pieces of jewellery.

The Journey

The soul of our early pieces, though rooted in tradition, brought a global vision to the podium. The Great Indian ‘Jhumkas’ were, for the first time, gallantly re-imagined using world-class diamonds & precious gemstones.

Polychromy, too was also an early artistic choice, precious colours brought life into our creations.Our innovations in design created waves across the country.

From it’s early days, the brand has been a flag-bearer of the generational change in jewellery aesthetics.

The world-wide intrigue of celebrities, HNIs & global multi-cultural clientele inspire Renu further to challenge trends.

Her pieces resonate most with those who believe that jewellery must have an expansive scale of wearability & versatility.

You never really
know a woman until you've
seen her jewellery


Versatility and simplicity in luxury has always been the brand’s essence. Renu has been gifted with an innate flair to picking out patterns even in the most organic forms. Renu’s signature aesthetic envelops all our pieces, a subtle defining mark.

The high-end pieces crafted by us, even though large, are extremely light to wear.

The patterns, though simple, are alluring & bursting with elegance. Our brand breathes with the belief that jewellery is created to be enjoyed and not sealed in our lockers.

The expansive wearability of our pieces is an integral premise from the inception of all our creations.

Now & the Future

We indulge our clients with novel previews of our collections year after year.

With a strong foothold in the Indian market, we are now going multi-national.

Carefully curated interactions to help guide our clients to choose the perfect piece is the what epitomises the Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellery experience. It is our aim to create these memorable experiences for our vast Indian and International clientele.

Born-to-create, Renu believes that a high-design experience should be enjoyed by all. This all-embracing philosophy of art has led her to create something for everyone.

Perfecting bridal & couture Jewellery, our repertoire also includes dainty bracelets, small studs, chandelier earrings– each having the Renu Oberoi signature through our design and craftsmanship.



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